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Hey All! I am new to Pico-8, just found it last week. I whipped up this game "Sushi Boss" while recovering from some surgery, I was pretty out of it so I'm very pleased with how far along it actually is.

It's totally WIP, missing music and its really hard and has no instructions, but I have beaten it once and friends have made it to level 2 so thats a good sign!

Use the arrow keys to either select something on the cutting board or to select prepped ingredients above.

Use X to either chop an ingredient or add it to the roll.
Use Z to make a roll!!

Fulfill customer wishes to get more stars and work your way up to Futo Maki!!! MAKE SUSHI BOSS PROUD!!!

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The code is surely a mess because i've never programmed Lua before and also i would frequently forget what i was doing or fall asleep during dev. I called it my "solo pain meds game jam". Hope you all dig it! I've fallen in love with Pico-8 and can't wait to build more.


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