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Cart #sorukoyabe-0 | 2019-12-22 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

I've got a dumb question I can't seem to work out involving vector graphics.

In the cart above I have a table of points that form an object (square). When I try to rotate the object around it's center I get unintended behavior - sometimes shrinking, usually garbage.

It's got to be my math, but I'm missing why it's not working despite having tried several different versions of my "rotation" formula. I've searched the web several times for a straight forward pico-8 implementation of this, but didn't find much. Can someone point out what I've got wrong, please?

Also, if there is a cleaner way to draw shapes from a table like this, let me know. The shapes would be polygons not just rects.

Thank you in advance

P#71326 2019-12-22 21:42

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