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2017-06-20398kSBATFP-Play.gifGameplay from arcade mode
2017-06-09894kPICO-8_11.gifProxima-B: Lvl 3
2017-06-09538kPICO-8_10.gifProxima-B: Lvl2
2017-06-09401kPICO-8_9.gifProxima-B: Lvl1, with SuperShot active
2017-06-09401kPICO-8_0.gifProxima-B: Level 1, with super shot active
2017-06-091056kPICO-8_2.gifProxima-B: Title Screen
2017-06-05904kPICO-8_6.gifIsola, early version
2017-06-05505kPICO-8_7.gifIce King creating and destroying some ice.
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