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I really should learn some different graphics software, but I thought it would be fun to make a implementation of The Mandelbrot Set. So I did. For those that don't know, what this is, well. You take a point called c in the complex plain and z1 = 0^2 + c, and z2 = z1^2 + c and z3 = z2^2 + c and so on. and so on.. If the series of Zs will always stay close to Z and never trend away that point is in the Mandelbrot Set. Insert more song lyrics here... because why not.

It's a fractal. A super cool one. One that takes a lot of iteration to display nicely. I just kind of added a filter of colors to make it look nice. Truthful, 127 by 127 is super small for any detail, and 4 bit color depth limits it too, it kind of works.

More and zoom in with x, and find out just how quickly zooming in can mess up floating point numbers, so zooming in about 3 times breaks it.

But have fun with it. this fractal looks super cool even in the limited 16 colors.

I just found out that there is one included in the demos, but hey, I like mine better.

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