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P#61210 2019-01-25 19:58

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Congratulations on your purchase of this HIGH-QUALITY, KILLERBLOB-BRAND ENTRY-LEVEL NUCLEAR REACTOR! With a little care and attention, this Reactor is GUARANTEED to fill your neighbourhood with ♥hope♥ and ♥love

In the course of ordinary operation, it is normal for the user to have to perform simple acts of maintenance on their Reactor. These include:

  • sorting spent and unspent fuel into correct receptacles
  • repositioning core probe to avoid harmful gamma rays
  • inserting fuel rods into the reactor
  • maintaining acceptable temperature margins

Be advised that if any of these tasks are completed imperfectly, then the core may enter a phase of CRITICAL INSTABILITY! If this happens, the correct emergency parameters must be input by the user before the core enters DEADLY MELTDOWN! Prolonged periods of instability may permanently affect the VDU on the Reactor Console. This kind of damage is not covered by your warranty. To ensure safe operation, please carefully read the instruction manual attached below.

Comprehensive Instruction Manual:


  • TAB to activate/deactivate the Reactor!
  • Z, X and arrow keys to control the Reactor!

Note: This game was made by Ed Sibley ( @thing_stuff) for TRASEVOL_DOG's tinyTVjam. It is inspired by WarioWare, as well as games-you-lost-the-manual-for like Royals and Starseed Pilgrim. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. It isn't really a nuclear reactor ♥

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