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Brendan Byrne is an electronics artist, curator, and instrument designer from Brooklyn. His work has been exhibited in venues such as the Game Science Center in Berlin, Eyebeam, and SF MoMA. Brendan has curated electronic and experimental performances in New York City for the past six years. In this time, he curated the world's largest circuit-bending festival, Bent Fest, and co-founded the in/out Computer Music festival. In Spring 2012 Brendan founded Xiwi Electronics, a small design and fabrication studio dedicated to crafting beautiful devices for navigating electronic environments. Xiwi's designs have been featured on the Adafruit blog, Hackaday, and the Daily Dot. He is a current contributing artist to the real-time media performance group Fast Food Collective. Currently enrolled as a graduate student at Parsons the New School for Design, Brendan�s studies focus on instrument and videogame controller design.


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