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This thread is not for posting bugs, but for gameplay comments.

small blue guys: they are fine, perhaps even a little overused. They swarm very effectively and eat through obstacles. One complaint, though - they get stuck fairly often. I end up wondering if it's a broken/unfinished level or a tiny monster got stuck somewhere.

I think something should be done about stuck little guys. Not getting stuck would be ideal, but may be hard to achieve. A compromise would be blue guys making scared sounds if they're alone. That would let player know there's something left. More often than not single blue guys stop progress, so "scared when alone" makes sense.

Orange "rats": They work as an introductory enemy. But they're somewhat boring, and inefficient at killing. They occupy quite a lot of space but you can cut through them easily.

Level designers don't seem to like them much, I wonder why. I think they could be given a special ability like eating (destroying) powerups.

Orange grunts: tough, but slow. They very rarely damage me. They sort of work as a barrier (like Hell Knights/Barons in DooM) because you need a lot of effort to cut through them. They are slightly boring, could use something. It's a bit sad they're strictly worse than red grunts.

Purple rats (jumping): A fun enemy. They're fairly popular in custom levels as they're not trivial. They're fine.

Red grunts (shooting): They're okay, can offer interesting challenges and their projectiles are easy to deflect with a sword.

Stacked little guys: They're good, perhaps even a little too dangerous. I mean the little guys they consist of jump, and it makes them a lot more dangerous. Stacked little guys (before breaking up) are already relatively dangerous - they're big AND fast, so leaving them unbroken is not as easy as minotaurs. I imagine most players hate them, much like Pain Elementals in DooM II. Overall though, stacked little guys don't require a change.

Minotaurs: Rarely damage player, but everyone seems to love them. They can really shake things up if your tactics rely on fragile cover. They're so tough their lack of speed doesn't matter much. They also work as meat shields for shooting enemies. They're fine, they could even be considered the iconic enemy of Voxatron.

Snails: Almost harmless by themselves, but they complicate things. They're good, although they create a huge mess. Perhaps they would be better if their trail was only temporary ?

Aliens (horned bipedal pigs): Bastards. Actually fairly easy once you get the hang of it - they always try to predict your position and are easy to fool into shooting somewhere stupid. But up close, or when space is limited, or in a swarm of other monsters - very dangerous. They're fine.

Armadillos (rollers): They're cute and devastating. They are easy to kill by themselves unless they catch you by surprise. In a group, dangerous. Nice monsters.

War of the Worlds/death ray guys: Very dangerous, but manageable with experience. They are an immediate threat that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. A good monster.

I think all monsters are good, but orange rats and orange grunts are a bit lacking and could be given a minor ability. Stacked little guys are perhaps too dangerous (especially once they break) but I guess every game needs its hard monsters. Aliens and "tripods" are very dangerous, but experience makes them much easier.

Your opinions ?

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