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Hello guys GameRater here and I want your help. So I have many game ideas. It's just whenever I try to code a game it always flops. I'm no developer at all. So that is where I am asking for your help. I have this game idea that I that the community could make but not me. If you finish please send it to me!

                                            Pillars of Physis

As the main character Physis you must stop the pillars from falling! With the power of physics you must lift the pillars up back to normal. If they fall the gods from below will hit the clouds and zap the humans below with lightning. You must watch where the pillars are falling. This game could contain 3-5 pillars. You can get points for every time you lift one pillar up. The game ends once a pillar falls.

Thanks for reading, GameRater

P#137627 2023-11-19 00:30

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