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Cart #boingleste-3 | 2023-10-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Thanks to the evercore team for the evercore cart! this wouldn't be possible without your hard work!


A big goofy, a little silly, but still fun!

Is Madeline made of rubber or is the mountain made of rubber? I personally don't think a whole mountain can just change what it's made of, so we'll go with the 1st option.

Play as- Wait no- Try to play as Boingaline as you fall over and over into the same hole in 500m. Features an almost-state-of-the-art path tracing mechanic that shows you where you keep dying and will die again! dash into walls and remember the 4 things you "had to do" and go do that instead! so many ways to rage quit and so many holes to walk into.

Also features its own REM jank! remember spike clips? well get ready for "Wall clips"! time it right and get shot up to the top of insert_wall_here! definitely a feature and not a bug i cant fix because REM is buggy to mess with, not just in game, but in code too!

I would add a save feature like Kaizoleste had, But let's be honest- You aren't ever going to play this again after you rage quit. (And yes you will!)


Not saying everything else here isn't, but still.

All levels AND berries are possible! I've tested it (see img below!). Some levels can only be beaten with wall clips and spike clips, and no, i will not explain wall clips. (Don't worry, they aren't that hard to do.)

I don't think gemskip is possible, as you cant walljump, only boing around.
And yes, i did try adding a boing sound effect, it just got way too annoying and i took it out.
Also please tell me my kiwi's look good. no one says they look good :(
And yes, the spinny thing is a pinwheel.

Here is my best time while playtesting:



  • Initial Release


  • Removed - Any reference to "Hard Mode", as hard mode was changed to be normal mode during development.
    • This is because of technical reasons, not to be evil. normal mode made boingaline only bounce if no dashes were left and she is not on the ground. this allowed for clipping through walls for some reason, and was removed halfway through development.


  • Changed - Moved Boingaline quote to be lower down to seperate it from credits text.
    • Also changed "-Madaline" to "-Boingaline" because funny


  • Changed - Made gravestone text funny
P#136307 2023-10-24 03:21 ( Edited 2023-10-24 03:50)


I'm free from this nightmare

Honestly, the mod itself wasn't that hard, but it was my muscle memory that kept telling me to wall jump whenever I got near a wall when you can't wall jump in this mod. That and getting used to the bounciness took a bit.
My time is 18 minutes and deaths are 149, and half of them was because of 2600m and 2700m. Those two levels took a lot of effort to get through.

Fun mod, and I love that the Kiwi's look so good

P#136329 2023-10-24 18:25

cool mod!
I love the trail mechanic so I can see how far i have progressed!
this mod was so difficult for my muscle memory lol
nice kiwis, btw

P#136331 2023-10-24 18:59 ( Edited 2023-10-24 18:59)

Thank you both for playing!

I am so glad that you liked my kiwis! no one from the CC discord knew what they were so i was a little afraid of keeping them in, but i guess it all worked out!

P#136355 2023-10-25 01:51

Deaths: 218
2300 and 2700 were the most complicated due to not knowing how scaling the wall works. Felt like quitting at times, but finally made it through. Very fun and challenging

P#136368 2023-10-25 12:40

anti procrastinating game
-play game
-get to double dash
-not be able to do 23(?)00 (the one after chest with the winged berry)

P#136509 2023-10-27 21:16

madeline future king of the pirates eater of the gomu gomu no mi

P#136746 2023-11-01 14:45

Bug: If you hit a wall facing the opposite way you will slide up on it. Makes all levels 10 times easier
EDIT: i realized it works even if you are facing the wall, so you just have to stand directly next to the wall to perform it. But turning around always works, even in the air

P#137376 2023-11-13 17:06 ( Edited 2023-11-13 17:14)

Glad you noticed that "bug" @LeonGamer1707 ! in the description it is stated that this is semi-intentional. it works just like spike clips and pass-through dashes work, its REM jank. the game smooths movement or something and does crazy shenanigans and allows the player to move less then one pixel, letting you clip through spikes in vanilla, or in this mod, scale walls. some levels here actually arent even possible without using this "bug".

P#137396 2023-11-14 04:27 ( Edited 2023-11-14 22:41)

@AntiBrain oh well

P#137431 2023-11-14 16:24

I have gotten a one death 5 times

P#138416 2023-12-07 21:47

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