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Why Robovac?

I have been programming with Pico 8 for some time now and have created a few games, but they are not finished yet. By chance I stumbled across the Cre8 game jam a few weeks ago and thought, why not? I have never participated in a game jam before and hoped that this would give me enough pressure to finish a game.

But first I had to wait a bit to see what the game jam would be about. ROBOTS! Okay, my first thoughts were about the numerous titles of my childhood on the C64: Robocop, Terminator 2, Paradroid. But then I saw our Roomba standing in the corner. Bravely, it always does its job without being appreciated. Well, here is the game in his honour.

How to play?

You take on the role of the robot and simply clean each of the eight rooms as best you can. Try to clean as much of the area as possible before the battery runs out.

To make sure it doesn't get too boring, normally our Roomba only changes direction when it bumps into an obstacle, you can steer it to the right or left at any time using the cursor keys. If you bump into an obstacle, it stops. Start the game by pressing X.

And then?

You can't lose at this game. Just clean as much area as possible. For each room, you can see how much you have already cleaned in the top right-hand corner. After the eight rooms, you get a total value that is saved and presented to you in the text at the bottom of the title page. You can try to beat this score in the next round. That's it.

P#135067 2023-09-28 21:14

Cool concept!
Not being able to slide on the wall was a little frustrating, and I find it interesting how there isn't any actual need to clean 100%

P#135223 2023-10-01 16:57

This is cool. I always thought I could do a better job than my Roomba, but now I'm not so sure ;)

P#138338 2023-12-06 11:04

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