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Cart #oddoneout-1 | 2023-08-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Just finished my first game: Odd One Out.

A two player game that tests your ability to spot small differences.

Find and locate the letter that's not like the others.

The first one to 5 points wins!

P#133736 2023-08-30 12:51 ( Edited 2023-08-30 12:52)

good game

P#133740 2023-08-30 18:01

divertido, solo el sonido de estatica me daño los oidos

P#133753 2023-08-31 00:42

@elpepe:vxddd Thanks for playing! I will adjust the volume level of the static to be less intense.

P#133756 2023-08-31 00:56

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