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Repuzzle hint & solution cart


What's Repuzzle?

Sounds like you're here by mistake.

Head over to Repuzzle's page in the BBS and don't come back unless and until you're well and truly stuck.

What does this cart contain?

All hints and solutions for Repuzzle - revealable in gradual order.

Whether you need a small pointer for a level or five you're stuck on, or whether you want to see all the solutions - this cart has you covered.

Though it won't make getting to the solutions too pleasant!


You can use the standard pico8 controls, or you can use the mouse (Mouse wheel and buttons only. The mouse wheel also works inside popups)

You can press Ctrl+C to copy everything on-screen.


Why are the popups so annoying?

To discourage you from viewing the bigger hints & solutions.

Why is navigation so annoying? I keep pressing the wrong buttons.

Same - to discourage you from having too much fun navigating the solutions.

Why is the cart so ugly? white on gray?!

Yes. Same. Discourages you from looking at the hints for too long.

Any more questions?

P#133720 2023-08-30 04:19 ( Edited 2023-09-26 05:15)

Hoorah! Not only the solutions, but explanations and presented in a "fun" manner. Thanks

P#133737 2023-08-30 14:39

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