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PICO-VIEW: May 2023

Hello Pico-View Reader, this May issue is the fifth in the series. This month has been jammed full of fun in the community. In this issue we are placing a focus on the multiple game jams that occured in May and the many PICO-8 games made for them!

We'll begin with our usual tasty Game Dev Articles, and then we'll take a look at each major jam that happened this month, with some jam-specific articles sprinkled in there as well. This issue is stuffed with games, so if you missed out on all the releases this month, don't worry, we've got you covered with the must-plays.

Thank you to the writers, contributors, and all supporters, that includes you reader! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And with that, have fun adventuring through the pixels and paragraphs of this issue of the Pico-View web-zine!


Glimm, RidgeK, Luchak, Citizen608, Marina, Achie, Andrew Reist, Fletch, Kevin Portelli, and Nerdy Teachers


Godmil, NoBad7049, Munchkin


-So You want to Make a Game - Glimm
-Basic Chord Progressions - RidgeK
-RP-8 Rendering (Part 2) - Luchak
-Featured Interview - Citizen608 ft. Marina

-Start of Game Jam Section
-PICO-butter and Jam: Spreading Game Dev Delight in every Byte - NerdyTeachers

-Game Jam #1
-Ludum Dare Jam 53 Intro
-LD Jam Featured PICO-8 Games
-Featured Game Review: Air Delivery - Achie

-Game Jam #2
-TweetTweet Jam 8 Intro - Andrew Reist
-TT Jam Featured PICO-8 Games
-The Making of TweetTweet Game: XTRIS - Fletch

-Game Jam #3
-Pursuing Pixels Jam 2 Intro - Kevin Portelli
-PPJJGG Jam Featured PICO-8 Games
-Conclusion of Game Jam Section

-Random Reviews - New Release Recommendations
-Prototype Party
-Closing Remarks

To read this issue of the Pico-View Web-Zine go to the nerdyteachers website here:

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