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For now I'm only posting to make it easier to share this game with my friends for feedback. I'll write instructions on how to play later

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-add minimap
-double # of nation colors
-add borrow action
-minor text copy updates

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  • hold x to skip ai turn animation
  • hold x to end turn (to avoid accidental turn ending)
P#124830 2023-01-25 14:21

INSTRUCTIONS v0.3.0 (English)

I'd like to make some in-game manual or tutorial eventually, but given that the game rules are somewhat in flux at the moment I think writing instructions in text here is the most practical thing to do

This is a grand strategy game where you play as one and only one city. All player actions are interactions with other cities.

Coins - Each city starts with 30 coins. Coins can be transferred but never created or destroyed. You can never have a negative coin balance

Favor/Hearts - Favor represents how much other cities like you. Doing something good for another city earns favor, doing bad or selfish actions loses favor. You may have a negative favor balance (but you want to avoid this)

Soldiers - Each city can have a max of ten soldiers. These can be used to attack other cities

First turn
Select the nearest city to your player city (indicated by a solid white square around it). Open the menu and select "Union". This will form a government with the other city, with the other city as the capitol.

Then, do the "invest" command five times on that city. This will build five factories on the other city, which you will use to recruit soldiers on the next turn.

Then end your turn. You can skip the animation for the AI turn by holding X, but its worth watching a few times so you can understand what its doing.

The goal of the game is for your country to conquer the map AND be the capitol of the ruling government. There's currently no win screen (I need to add that still). If the whole map is one color, and you're the capitol, you'll just have to imagine that you won for now :P

Cities - indicated by three little boxes. The city with the solid white square around it is the player city
Capitol - indicated by a tower with a flag on top

Factories - Cities have up to five factories. Factories can be used once per player turn to produce soldiers (see "Conscript" move below)

Burning city - A city with black smoke has been conquered on the previous turn. Its moveset is limited, but it does have the additional move of "Aid"

Border lines
There are three different border lines, this is what they mean:
Solid blue
This is a border between states (peacetime)
Dashed red
This is a border between states, indicating they're at war
Dotted blue
This is a border between cultural regions within a state (think of these as provinces)

This is a list of all actions and what they do. Note that all actions aren't available at all times

If your city is burning, you may spend one favor to request 10 gold from another friendly city. Note that that city must have at least 10 gold

Use your soldiers to attack another city. Attacker strength is always 75% of defense. If you lose, you will do damage and lose all your soldiers. If you win, you will remove all the defending soldiers, and your soldiers will move to occupy the defending city. (leaving your city with zero)
To attack you must have at least one soldier, be at war with the other city, and your city can't be burning.
If you are the capitol, you don't have to be at war to attack (capitols have the power to start wars)

Spend two favor to borrow 10 coins from a friendly city. The other city must have at least 10 coins to give

Give 10 coins to another city in exchange for one favor. The other city must have at least one favor to give

Spend coins to recruit soldiers from another city. The city must have at least one lit-up factory. The coin cost is equal to the number of factories the other city has (i.e., if they have 4 factories this move costs 4 coins). You will receive a number of soldiers equal to the other city's number of factories

If you are not the capitol, have at least 10 favor, and the capitol has less than zero favor, you may take control of the government and become the new capitol. This move has no cost, you just need to meet the conditions above to do it

If you are the capitol, you may spend one favor to take all of the soldiers from one city in your state.

Spend five gold to build one factory in another city. Each city can have a max of five factories

If you are not the capitol, the capitol has less than zero favor, and you are not in the same province as the capitol, you may revolt. This will create a new state out of all the cities in your province (the dotted blue line). There is no cost to this action, but you will immediately be at war against the state you revolted against

"Surrender" is for wartime and "Union" is for peacetime, but otherwise these two moves do the same thing. If you are the capitol, this makes you join the other state as a province

If you are the capitol you may spend one favor to take 10 coins from a city in your state. The other city must have at least 10 coins available. This move replaces "Borrow" if the above conditions are met

(see Surrender above)

End turn
Hold x to select this (I added the wait to make it harder to accidentally end your turn). This just ends your turn

I know this sounds like a lot, once you play the game a couple times its pretty simple. All of the moves are about some trade between coins, favor, and soldiers, so tactics are mostly deciding which you need the most of at the moment

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Cart #bibugadizo-1 | 2023-01-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

add sound fx
clearer borders on minimap
ai cities will revolt now

P#124959 2023-01-28 17:53 ( Edited 2023-01-28 17:54)

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