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This is a work in progress.

Its a little app that allows the user to enter arrow locations on a digital archery target to help keep track of your score. My 11 year old son Dylan is just starting out in archery and we have been using a paper score card to keep track of his efforts to date.

However, we thought that this current method of recording scores was ripe for a little app that we could run on our phone in the field (others may be available in the app stores, not checked but we wanted to make our own!), not only to score, but to also keep track of the approx. location of all 36 arrows shot during a scoring round. This is something the "traditional" recording method doesn't offer, it just captures the score achieved, not the location of the arrows.

The plan is to expand this app so it provides some insight into your performance (e.g. average score, total number of "gold" hits, any bias in arrow location e.g. most land in bottom left quadrant etc...

Plus, it was a good excuse to get Dylan into a bit of coding. He's done a bit of Scratch at school but likes "real" coding with commands etc.. and not just visual blocks! I also love it since it take me back to my days mucking about coding on the ZX Speccy and Atari ST :-)

Anyway, all comments welcomed.

Will keep you posted as we develop this.

Many thanks,
Paul and Dylan :-)

P#119225 2022-10-17 19:54

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