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Cart #dauntlessdog-1 | 2022-09-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Dauntless Dog!

Welcome to my Shump entry for the Lazy Devs Shump Showcase! I am a first time pico developer taking on a challenge and actually finishing a project! I made a fun Fox-like shump with dialog and companions!

Introducing: Dauntless Dog!



X to shoot

C to advance dialog


Dover is a fearless space captain with a personal vendetta to avenge his father, who met his fate at the hands of the evil COBRA.

Joined by his crew, the quick, the fearless, Jane Eyre!

Followed behind by COBRA's own son, Casey.

The three attempt to cross the solar system to defeat COBRA and his crew!

Watch out for:

Casey's brother Gek-O who leads COBRA's henchmen.

Shelton the impenetrable.

and finally: Chomper, Dover's ex-copilot.

Once you break through, the only one left is the wicked, vile, and invincible COBRA. Nothing can damage him... or so it seems. Secrets of the family given to us by Casey may say otherwise.

Survive through a heart wrenching tail of REVENGE!

Dev note: It gets REALLY chaotic. I totally understand that the dialog gets in the way. I wanted to add text and story to the shump for some callbacks to the classic fox series, but I think the screen limitation got the best of it... Regardless enjoy!

Also, the companions are rookies, they aren't the best at fighting and navigation. Keep that in mind!

Thanks so much to Krystian / Lazy Devs. You are truly inspiring!

P#118213 2022-09-30 14:14

Hoi brother. Iom also donig the shmup toriul. Screen shake made everything in my project feill 10X better. You should tri it, ist realli easy (contrary to popular believe).

(Lazy Devs screenshake tutorial)

I kno iom not won to tak but gaem fill is ver importint wit shmups. SPECIALLY SINCE THER SO MUCH COMPETITION NOW

P#118244 2022-09-30 22:04 ( Edited 2022-09-30 22:06)

From all shmup clones I've played, this one has the most differences. Bosses tail is a fresh change from same boss attack pattern.

P#118281 2022-10-01 13:17

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