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This is turn-based strategy about sea battle of sailing ships. Idea of this game was taken from old book about board games. There is the map with cells, which you can move and fire across. Islands on the map make some obstacles. The wind matters, your ship can move most distance in wind direction. Less map cells you can move against the wind. Excluding galeras. They have paddles, so they can move any direction in same distance. In your turn you can choose one ship to move and attack, after that turn moves to other player.
I made just pvp mode of battle, so players must take turn one by one one one computer. May be in the future i will do pve mode if i have the courage. You will win then you sink all enemy ships.


To start game press "z" or "x".
In map: left and right arrows to select ship. "z" - open ship menu.
In ship menu: arrows to select action. You can move,fire,close window and end turn. "z" for select, "x" - close window.
Move action: left and right - select direction, up and down - change amount movement cells. "z" - move, "x" - cancel, return to ship window.
Fire action: left an right - select direction of attack. "z" - fire, "x" - cancel.

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