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Cart #prisongame-0 | 2021-10-27 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Background :

We are three students from Ada Tech School Paris and for our first group project we had to make a game with Pico 8 in two weeks.

The Game :

A prisoner try to escape a scary prison with the help of some abandoned prisoners.
Do not fall in the lava and try to avoid the guards who certainly gonna put you again in your jail.

The Controls :

Arrow keys - Move the prisoner
[X] - Close dialogue and jump

Crédits :

Music : Robby Duguay
Developpers : Constant Guilbert, Arthur Guisne and Céline Barbe

P#99214 2021-10-27 13:12


Your jumping is a small hell, since it fells very heavy and sometimes is unresponsive. The game itself needs at least 1 more checkpoint to make it easier on the platforming due to the jumping issue. But for a first game it is pretty good, even if I cannot speak French. Hope you all get a good grade for your project!

P#99220 2021-10-27 15:44

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