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I've made a Chrome Extension for discovering Pico-8 carts

Hi everyone,
as part of my Cs50x Harvard Course, I had to make a Final Project and I decided to create something about Pico-8 (which I love).

I always felt like there were so many games and that it would be cool to have a random picker that would let me discover carts.
I think a Chrome Extension is perfect for that: let you disctract from working or from boring webcam meetings!
Your next Pico-8 game is just one clik away into your browser! :)

Link to the Chrome Webstore page: Chromepie-8


  • One click to the extension icon open a small card that automatically load a random carts from the first 500 featured one
  • You can play usign standard keyboard keys or with mouse input (when supported by the carts)
  • Click wherever out of the card to just stop the game and close the extension (Safe For Work!)
  • If you like the game, click the download button to have easy access to the .png cart

--> It's my first piece of "software" ever released, so any suggestion on comment is appreciated!

Thank to Lexaloffle for making Pico-8.


P#98692 2021-10-15 12:54

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