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Cart #spaceshipgame-0 | 2021-09-07 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

A game about shooting aliens that i made cause boredom.
The collision system is also trash but i can't make it better

Anyways, it's pretty cool and i have like 3 days working on it, so please tell me what you think in the comments too!
and also print("have a good day :D")

P#97024 2021-09-07 21:17

Actually I think the graphics are pretty cool. Smooth and visually pleasing. Tho at the end when it counts your score, I’d make it count by 2s or 3s. The scoring system is too high and it has to count through every number at the end. Nice game for a 3 day make

P#97036 2021-09-08 01:19

@Ummmm_ok well, thanks for the feedback! and for enjoying the game! although i just noticed a memory leak (i think) that is causing the game to lag more and more after each wave, just noticing that after playing on phone, and also i was planning on adding your score suggestion dynamically, i mean, adding more and more to the score the bigger it gets.
anyways, i'll add those things when i go to PC.

P#97058 2021-09-08 17:18

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