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Cart #ancientruinsalaka-1 | 2021-02-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | Forks ▽ | No License

My entry for the 11th Alakajam - "Ancient Ruins".

Press X to jump,
Press O to... you'll see

P#88301 2021-02-28 18:32 ( Edited 2021-02-28 18:49)

:: arrpii

Nice consistent style, great atmosphere and fun gameplay mechanic 👍
I thought the difficulty ramped up well, although I think I spent more time in the last level than the rest of the game, haha.
Also I wanted to collect the gold, I think that could add another layer to it. But overall I really liked it!

P#92652 2021-05-27 08:42

Thanks a lot!
You actually reminded me to publish a new version that I slightly improved upon after the gamejam. I will make it available some time this week! And it includes some hidden collectables :)

P#92654 2021-05-27 09:27

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