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Compas Racer

Compas Racer is a small racing game I made with my 8yo child, suterp, as a tribute to his favourite youtubers, "los compas". It's an improved version of my Camel Race game.

How to play

You can choose your racer, and then you play three rounds of two laps each.
To advance, you have to press the arrow button matching the icon by your side. In the second round you also have to use the circle ("Z") button, and in the third one also the cross ("X") button.

There's a flag in the upper side. When it's activated, you get a boost when pressing the right button. In the second and third row there's also a pirate flag. When you see it, you have to press the opposite direction as the one that's shown.

In each race, the first player gets 10 points, the second one gets 6 points, and the last one 3. If there's a tie at the end, the winner is decided by the lesser time. Best record is saved.

You get an extra point ("bonus") when you do 10 clicks without a mistake.


Character graphics: Suterp (8yo), slightly tuned by me.

All racers are inspired in real youtubers from "los compas": Mikecrack, Rius Play, Invictor, El trollino, Sparta, Elmayo97, Timba VK and Raptorgamer.

Songs are free versions of "Diamantito 3" and "Diamatito 2" (which are respectively versions of "Quiero oir tu voz" from Mago de Oz and Caramelldansen from Caramella Grils).

For Caramelldansen, I used midi2pico and then tuned it by hand.

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