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A PICO-8 social game that revolves around the two things PICO-8 lovers love to do:

-Making PICO games
-Playing PICO games (ala "Splore"?)

Now, granted... there should be a fun game within this itself, too. So, you're a Pico in some PicoSpace that you can deck out (a general Pico theme, maybe a Migli/Celeste/Classic Arcade/couple other themed sets of assets?), maybe a set of background tracks you can buy as singles and swap to in your pad - which will become the default BGM there... or on the go, with headphones (to overwrite the in-game track with the one of your choice)... and the two meaty parts of the game: going to the "Splorecade" to run an arcade-simulator version of Splore, and the Game Store, which lets you "buy" (IE: download) P8.PNG carts to run on your home Pico-88 system, or later your portable PicoBabe system!

Now, how do we make this social? How do we make feedback to each other with this, and/or share our PicoSpaces with each other? I know we can save a few simple strings like "what we're working on," "a game we played recently and really like" - or maybe we can just check our hearts/stars database here through the internet to get that data on the fly! Or what kinds of things we're have trouble with, so we can get/give development advice to one another. Also, there should be some way to play in each other's PicoSpace too, so we can leave each other notes and so forth.

Talk with me here. What do you think we could pull off, like this?

"Feature Creep Talk:"

I'd like to pull off customizable fighting~platforming movesets and powerups; so internal minigame segments can be like little competitive platformer games, fighting games, simplified beat'em ups (think GaiAttack from Retro Game Crunch), and side-scrolling shmups. Some kind of in-game puzzle or pinball game may be cool too (especially because the pinball elements can coincide with platforming somewhat), but that might be getting into "too crazy" boundaries, given "tokens vs. scope" and all.

"GaiAttack" here:

P#25746 2016-07-22 19:54 ( Edited 2016-07-25 13:31)

I think this is a great idea.

For sharing code Github's pull request system is great.

For sharing "social graph" (i.e. recently played, favorites, etc) I think it'd be cool to have some type of "status list" under the [url=https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?uid=14391&mode=posts]Posts[/u] page in the BBS. Seems like the forums are the central part of the Pico-8 community and this could make them more so. I think anything collecting network data would have to be an opt-in type thing.

Another ideas would be to tie your Twitter account to Splore some how and have it update your status with a hashtag. Then you can use any Twitter client to display all the tweets with that hashtag and people can simply follow each other on Twitter. Then you wouldn't have to re-invent twitter inside Splore :-).

A couple of ideas anyway.

P#25862 2016-07-25 09:31 ( Edited 2016-07-25 13:31)

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