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I stumbled into a very annoying bug while working on a game.

In short: I got into a situation where I tried to export to html, but kept getting a message that the cart is unsaved and I should save first.
I saved, and then the same message again.
No matter how many times I save, I still get it, even when I just loaded the p8 file.
I also tried creating a completely new cart with the same code, searched for capital letters (none were found) and even re-installed pico-8.

I'm running on a mac osx 10.13.6 (High Sierra).

After many attempts, I found that the reason for this is the fact that I'm including my entire code from a different main.lua file.
If I copy the contents of mail.lua into the pico-8 code section, save, all is fine.

Note that I got the export to work once, while trying various code fixes, but then it immediately failed to figure out it is unsaved now and a sequential export didn't work again...

From asking in the discord, someone was able to reproduce this just by creating a cart and including an empty file as the only statement in the code.

Please help as this is very frustrating!
And keep up the amazing work I love PICO-8 :)


P#78678 2020-06-29 20:14

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