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by lunafromthemoon

Hello everyone, this is a remake from an old game called Supaplex, that was itself a remake of an even older game called Boulder Dash. It was my favourite game as a kid. This is my first game in Pico8 and it was hard, but a lot of fun. The music was done by my dear friend lisergishnu, and I also had some help to pack the levels from thisismypassword.
Hope you enjoy!

And please, let me know if you find any bugs.

How to play:

The game is very simple, you are Murphy, a little red ball, running inside a complex computer system. Your goal in each level is to gather infotrons (the colorful thingies) and get to the end. But be careful, there are many dangers ahead, like falling zonks, snik snaks and bugs!

Check the cast page by pressing X in the menu!

In the main menu you can choose a level (there are 111!) and start by pressing Z. You can play any level you want, no need to go from 1 to 111. When you win a level, it will be marked in green. Can you win them all???

In the level:

You move with the arrows, and can additionally "eat" the side chip or infotron by holding Z + arrow.

By holding X for a while inside a level, murphy will self destruct, and you can go back to the main menu.

The terminal are activated by looking at them for a while (pressing the arrow towards the terminal), and this will cause the yellow disks to explode.

There are also red disks than can be picked up and placed anywhere by holding Z for a while. After placing the disk, move quickly cause it will explode.

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