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Cart #wafowayowi-2 | 2020-05-11 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

How to play (Not complicated):

  • Left & right buttons to move the paddle!
  • Clear all the bricks to win!

I'm somewhat new to programming and making games. Back a few months ago I had a university assignment to remake the classic arcade game Arkanoid in C++. This went okay but I struggled a lot being quite unfamiliar with the concepts involved in creating the game and it was a bit of a buggy mess.

This morning I wanted to test myself to see if I can make a simple Breakout clone in Pico-8 and here it is! Really happy with how this has turned out. Made this in a few hours. Hope anyone who stumbles upon this enjoys (:

Note: I am aware of the paddle collison bug. It's something to do with the AABB when moving the paddle.

version 0.3 - fixed bug with paddle changing color to black

P#76376 2020-05-11 13:47 ( Edited 2020-05-11 13:59)


I like it!
Star for you

P#76378 2020-05-11 14:16

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