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I bought PICO-8 after I learned about it via PocketCHIP. I've been playing around with it for a couple of weeks now, and finally got started on my first real project. Just a GIF of the current state so far. I've been putting together the various components and systems I'm going to need to complete the game. So far, I've got:

  • Game Component system, including independent components for button handling, timing, and utilities. The whole game is handled via components. The _update() method is 2 lines. _init() and _draw() are 3 lines each. This system is actually based on XNA's game component design (I used to do quite a bit with XNA).

  • Screen Management system - This is one of my game components. It allows me to create separate code entities for various game states and determines which ones should be updated and drawn at any given time. Currently, I have the following screens implemented: splash screen (not in the GIF), title screen, character generation screen, text edit window, pop-up menu, world map screen, and town map screen. Several more still to implement.

  • Save/Load system - The title screen will check for valid save data and offer the "Journey Onward" option if present. I've got about 8 bytes left in my cartdata after accounting for character info, equipment, and story flags.

  • Compressed map system - Towns and dungeons are stored as simple RLE compressed strings. All of the maps are stored as ascii drawings in a text file. I've put together a powershell script that reads the text file and generates LUA for pasting into the game to include the maps themselves and other data about the map (world location, name, encounters, etc).

I'm still working on a few of the base systems, including character sheet/inventory system, merchant screen, NPC dialog screen, the combat system, and the dungeon screen.

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