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PICO-8 iPhone Shell

This is a work-in-progress iPhone Shell for PICO-8 featuring

  • sound
  • real gamepad controls (digital and analog)
  • pixel-perfect scaling
  • low latency (run loop reading input runs 60 times a second)

Note: I am abandoning this project because I now use the ClockworkPi Gameshell.

It uses the Gamepad API that was introduced with iOS 11 and was tested with the following MiFI-Controllers:

Controller Working
Kanex GoPlay Sidekick Yes
SteelSeries Stratus Yes after Firmware Update
Logitech PowerShell Controller No

No more touch support at the moment.

On the iPhone SE you have pixel-perfect scaling. Since the iPhone SE's display is 640 pixels wide you can do a 5x integer scale for razor sharp pixels. For a more full-screen experience turn the phone sideways.

Click to start the game (necessary to enable audio).

You can test it out on your phone:


To Change the Game

Load your PICO-8 cart and export it as html with this command

export mygame.html

Keep the mygame.js file and throw away the other files. Change line 66 in iPhone.html to reference your exported cart.


  • Use new fullscreen API in iOS 12/13
  • Test other bluetooth controllers in iOS 13
  • Does saving to home screen work now? (Pinning the website to the homescreen used to disable Gamepad functionality)
P#68447 2019-10-04 12:52 ( Edited 2019-10-06 13:46)

What happened to the repo?

P#115105 2022-08-01 13:14

@ZachTheCoder Newer versions of PICO-8‘s built in HTML export offer the same features so I deleted the repo.

P#115126 2022-08-01 18:32

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