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There is some problem with selection after using Cmd+w (jump to line begin) or Cmd+e (jump to line end). Don't know if this issue is related only with MacOS or other OS also.

Steps to reproduce:

  • put cursor in middle of some line
  • press Cmd+w (or Cmd+e)
  • holding shift press arrow up or down (for whole line selection)

Your selection will start sometimes from place where your cursor was before Cmd+w/Cmd+e or some other position in line, not from beginning (or end if Cmd+e used).


  • after Cmd+w (Cmd+e) press once Up or Down
  • go back to line you want select and now selecting whole line works as should be.

PICO-8 ver: 0.1.12c

P#66919 2019-08-24 19:28 ( Edited 2019-08-24 21:34)

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