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This was our entry for last Ludum Dare. Forgot to post it here, sorry i dumb!

Team Cardboard Box presents… JBA: Oversequel

You are a bounty hunter. Your target is a bounty hunter. Everyone around you is a bounty hunter.

Interrogate passersby of the whereabouts of your target, once you see them, grab their attention - a light tap on the shoulder, or a bullet to the knee - anything goes! From there, only you decide which one would reap the reward.

And be careful! Anyone around could recognize you as their target!


Walk with the D-pad, shoot with Z, talk with X.. but that much is written on screen. Out of battle with your target, holding Z locks shooting direction to aid with fighting those who want your head

Look carefully at your target’s face. It could give you a clue about their abilities!

Now, go! Survive in this wasteland where anyone ought to get anyone! Will you be able to reach the 11th day?

Cart #jbaoversequel-4 | 2019-06-13 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

hotfix: changed a string
update: forgot to make slow bullets actually slow, made final boss harder
hotfix: dumb idiot forgot to turn debug switch off

Trivia: The name dates back to a series of games we made at our local Ludum Dare gathering, Jonny's Bizarre Adventure. Just like that one manga, we were telling a story about a lineage of heroes, every one of which had literally the same name - Jonny Arkadievich. This game tells us the story of the "first" Jonny's great great great grandfather and is hopefully the last, unless we fail to come up with a fresh idea yet again.

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