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Hey, this is my first post on the forum, so sorry if I mess up. I got PICO-8 and I love it. After messing around with it for a while, I started wondering, "What would this look like if it was an actual console in the past." So that is what this post is for!

Console: The console would have controller ports and keyboard ports, and the ports would be the same, as in the actual software, your keyboard can be used as a controller. It would have some sort of floppy disk or compact flash slot, for inserting games and other things...

Controller: It's basically a bootleg NES controller: D-Pad, and two buttons.

Keyboard: ?

Pricing: $300 for the console, 2 controllers, and a keyboard. Note: this price would be what it is today, not in the past.

Fun Part (a.k.a me making up a bunch of random stuff)

Programming Cart: Where you make all your games. Once you finish, you can either: Export to a empty disk/compact flash, ORRRRRR

Splore Cart: This cartridge is used to store multiple games that you or your friends made. It has much more space than regular carts. The difference between this and multiple empty disks/compact flash is that you can edit the games/programs on it, while exporting to empty disks/compact flash makes it not even read-only, just play.

Pico-Printer (Yes, I know.): So you got your empty disks, but they look so boring without a logo, like the other games you bought from the store. Enter: The Pico-Printer. This mini printer lets you print out labels for your games. You take a screenshot of your game, enter some info, and boom! You got yourself a label to print.

Maker Pack (a.k.a. YUSSSSS DLC): This includes the Programming Cart, the Splore Cart, and the Pico-Printer, as well as 5 labels, and 5 empty cartridges. This would set you back $200.

So yeah, that's what I think. If PICO-8 came out back then (Basically 1980s/90s), I would have bought it in the 1980s. (I'm only 12 so.........). Heck, I would have bought it even now, as I got PICO-8 for programming and that sweet, sweet retro goodness.


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