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Wal-Rush! is a game of walrii, fish, and flight. Based on a game I made for a programming competition at codewalr.us, this game lets you play as the mascot of the website, Walrii, as he flies through the sky. Collect fish, rack up points, and watch out for the spike mines!

There are three modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Try your hand at each of them, and go for the highest score!

  • Easy: Obstacles always move straight. Fish give you 10 points, and running into a spike mine means death.
  • Normal: Obstacles can move straight, or in a wave-like pattern. Once again, fish give you 10 points, and running into a spike mine means death.
  • Hard: This mode adds a "time bar" to the top of your screen. Your mission is to keep it from running out! Fish give you 10 points (and a bit of time), running into a spike mine takes away a bit of time, clocks give you 50 points (and 50% of your time), and hourglasses give you 100 points (and momentarily stop your time from going down).

"Walruses might fly unless the age of miracles is past." - Anonymous


  • LEFT/RIGHT: Move Walrii left and right.
  • X: Flap Walrii's wings and fly!

(To anyone saying that this kind of game belongs on the Atari 2600...I actually put it on there, too. 😉)

Version History

v1.1 | 2019/2/18

  • Fixed a bug where pressing X for one frame caused Walrii to keep flapping his wings until X is pressed again

v1.0 | 2019/2/17

  • Initial release
P#62016 2019-02-18 05:14 ( Edited 2019-02-18 20:39)

:: Juju

Nice use of our mascot, 10/10

-- A Codewalr.us admin

P#62018 2019-02-18 06:01

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