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Being a man’s best friend is not so easy, especially, if you want to be the best. In ‘In Your Face Dog Arena’ you will have the chance of competing in skill-based minigames against other dogs and see if you are really capable of ruling your territory.

Pick your opponent and start your first trial of strength. Pay attention to the hints and choose wisely between intelligence, speed or power. After aoutplaying your opponent, you will be granted a bonus for the decisive minigame. Next, your perceptiveness and speed is going to be crucial in one of the 4 mini- games. Increase your rank with every successful battle to become the Alpha Dog of the arena.

This game was developed as part of a game jam at the School of Games in Cologne. Our group consists of one programmer, one artist and a person in charge of the game business. All we had were: 8 days, a randomly generated video game title and Pico-8. We now proudly present you our finished project and hope you enjoy it.

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