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Hey all, wanted to introduce my latest PICO-8 project: ZUBGUBBLERS!

ZUBGUBBLERS is my take on a minimal party game for 2-4 players heavily inspired by the classic game Qix, Splatoon, with additional inspiration from Frank DeMarco's Seam of the Vultures. I wanted to avoid using sprites for the most part and just leverage lines, boxes, and fills.

The goal is to paint as much of the background your color by the time the game is over. You do so by holding button 1 (Z) to expand a box around your player. Releasing the button paints the background your pattern; however, you can also hold a direction and dash (X) into other players. If another player dashes into your box while you are expanding it, the background is painted their color!

There are also some powerups floating around that do various things such as speed up or slow down your player, or make you paint a trail of color behind you for a limited time. There's a team mode available in the pause menu, as well.

It's really best with 4-players so download the cart and bust those gamepads out!

Code and design by Nick Santaniello (ROBYSOFT)

Featuring music by Devin Curry (aka Grand Atrium)

P#59835 2018-12-08 21:29

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