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I am an idiot that needs to move on to BGM stuff, basic AI, and update code. Still got a fair amount of coding on all of my projects to do, and for some reason, I've recently been jamming out a PICO-8 demake of Spiral Knights, or at least the base stuff of it. Don't know if I'll ever get the online multiplayer aspect of it, but the semi-random Zeldalike quality of the game is more than enough to make fun. Sprites and a fair chunk of map data done, code isn't even started yet.

Infinitroid has been a great inspiration to simplify and revisit Gentroid, where now instead of having code try to write a Super Metroidy world, has really been simplified to a handful of environments that are mostly horizontal in nature with isolated elevator rooms, item rooms, and maybe miniboss rooms. And now that I've learned you can recolor/tint sprites, I've revised many of the repeated items to make more creatures. All in due time, I suppose...

...and actually, I've revised the level layouts for Concert of the Damned the same kind of way, because it seems like a very valid way to generate these kinds of levels, honestly. I also like the idea of adding Spiral Knights-style encounter arenas to the game, too. We'll see where that goes...

I've done just about all of my work in "_init()" and now I need to move on to the _update() and _draw() functions on many of these (although I still need to do some chorus/verse/breakdown/intro-outro composition code for my DDR-like project, too).

But money season at my job is surfacing, and I really think I'm about to be dead another 3-5 months, and that's a painful thing to be facing at this point in project space...

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