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I've been searching around various forums and can't seem to find a definitive answer. Is it possible to set up Pico 8 to boot directly into a game, and have it run automatically? Pico 8 is an awesome platform for writing silly applications and I would love to make a dedicated hardware setup that boots directly into one of these applications (think: cosplay gadgets!). Anyone have experience with this?

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When you run Pico-8 from the command line, you can specify command line flags to control certain behaviors. For example, you can specify the name of a cartridge file, and Pico-8 will load and run the cart immediately.

Check out details on the wiki:

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Davbo with the win as usual

I'm curious if this would be possible to establish with the raspberry pi image that's out there?

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Hmm I've never played around with raspberry pi but presumably you could make it part of a script? Then trigger that script by... Something?

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i know i saw someone had a rpi boot sd that auto booted into whatever game was on it, couldn't connect to the bbs or something

all i remember was the guy had it set up so you pit one pico 8 game on a sd and the rpi gooted into it directly, if anyone finds it i need to bookmark it

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I'll keep searching and post findings here. Thanks all!

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One of you guys found a solution?
@VgBlade, I suppose that you found it. for the others - it was the PICOPi project from guillermo amaral.

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You could easily do this by installing PICO-8 on a RaspberryPi and then starting it using a Cronjob that just executes PICO-8 with the "-run filename" flag at reboot.

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pico8 -run cart.p8
for everyone looking for it

also, I noticed that http://pico-8.wikia.com/wiki/RunningPico8 is outdated, since I found a -kiosk mode that boots directly into splore favorites and it is not listed there, so I thought maybe running pico8 --help our pico8 -h would give me the full list, but no

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