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The final game shall be like a reversed lemmings where you try to kill your lemmings (/gnimmel) instead of saving them. You will have a limited amount of chances to kill them before they escape through an exit. These chances are traps which will be activated by gnimmel that are controlled by players giving them tasks. This tasks that the gnimmel will be possible to do are like they are in lemmings (basher, digger...) so you have to command a Gnimmel the correct task in the correct time to kill him.

Left mouse button - Select Gnimmel
Right mouse button - Deselect Gnimmel
Button [0] - Task 1
Button [3] - Task 2
Button [1] - Task 3
Button [2] - No task

-- Work in progress --
Tasks are not programmed yet, like the intro and outro. Further more there is only 1 level. This is an early access.

puzzle real-time strategy
P#48093 2018-01-12 18:00

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