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I am much confused about cstore/reload vs cartdata.

If I read correctly - you could replace cartdata with cstore/reload writing to and from the cart file, no?

Is it actually the case that this is true, or am I missing something important? I will note I am unable to currently get cstore/reload to actually work as I think they are supposed to, so I am open to "no, you misunderstand".

For the record - this is what I was trying:

Start Pico-8, do:

POKE(0x4300, 99)
CSTORE(0x4300, 0x4300, 1, "TEST")

Then later, restart Pico-8, and:

RELOAD(0x4300, 0x4300, 1, "TEST")

And I expect it to return 99 - but it does not.

Is a puzzlement.

PS. Can we get a version() call, or maybe put it in the "About Pico-8" menu? Seems it would be handy.

P#18590 2016-02-01 22:52 ( Edited 2016-02-02 03:53)

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