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Cart #42897 | 2017-07-29 | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Kudos for my teacher for the custom level art.

My teacher gave me the task of creating a enemy where it cannot be hurt from the front, but can be hurt from the back from any projectile. First I thought: I'll make a Visibility modifier and make the enemy immortal when the player is in view. My teacher then placed a projectile shooter in front of the thing, and the player behind it. The projectile happened to kill it from the front.

Then I had to rethink things. The only way (that I thought) to stop something from hurting you is to place something in front of you. I then made the monster produce another monster repeatedly to take the bullet for it. It worked, and the monster cannot be hurt from the front (with acceptation of collision damage).

Also, they're based off of the knights from the binding of Issac (if it was too hard to tell), so don't be surprised if they start moving faster when you stand in front of them.

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