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Game Menu

x or z - select a menu choice
left or right - navigate the menu choices

Menu choices:

  1. Arcade - As the level increases so does the arena size and the number of enemies
  2. Blitz - A never ending stream of 25 enemies all at once
  3. Info - provides control info and game credit
  4. Story - Gives a brief backstory


Main Game

x - Fire weapon
z - hold z while using left or right to get more precise (but slower) aim/turning
up - accelerate
down - decelerate/reverse
left/right - rotate/turn/aim

At your disposal are a radar and health bar int he upper right hand corner.
Collect hearts to recharge your health.
Kill as many enemy tanks as possible.


Screen Shots


In general the game isnt particularly difficult, but I have found it relaxing and fun to play. Hopefully some of you will as well. :)

EDIT: After some thought, I rescaled the difficulty. Health powerups drop slightly less frequently, enemies fire slightly faster, enemy seek range has been increased, and enemy count scales higher/faster than it did. I think the game is more engrossing with these changes. Though I was criticized for making a shmup with one hit player death...so maybe I just scale things too difficult? I dunno. Hard to tell. This one still feels really easy to me.

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