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I put together an engine for turn-based battling. I plan to use this for a boss gauntlet game I would like to do in the future or some other project. For the time being, I focused on laying out the foundations and would like to showcase the engine I put together, and maybe some of you would like to incorporate it into your own game. The demo does not contain any audio.

-The general setup with numerous comments on the functions and commands (from a beginner programmer)
-Defense and magic system
-1 boss to fight with a Pseudo AI setup.


Up and Down Arrow Keys: Move the menu cursor
Left and Right Arrow Keys: Move the magic menu cursor
Z: Confirm action.

-Defend recovers your HP and HP in addition to getting less damage.
-The boss is not that easy.
-I made an HP typo on one of the attacks. Don't find it currently worthwhile to re-upload.

I am an amateur at coding so pardon any inefficient or bloated codes.

P#39164 2017-04-07 17:41

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