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The BBS has stars and favorites but does it keep a metric how many times your game got played?

Might I propose it does such if it does not. That would be rad.

Thank you.

P#38002 2017-03-02 22:30 ( Edited 2017-03-03 03:30)

This is something I've wondered as well. Given many people, myself included, just link to the BBS rather than itch.io or wherever, I'd like to know how many visits/plays rather than just stars.

Often, initial reaction can be a good indicator...kinda...but only for a limited time. The BBS and thus Splore are greatly effected by the "most recent" listing problem.

But as we all know, games don't get unfun or anything. Who knows if a game will get seen/linked 1-year from now and get more traffic. We won't know and neither will the baked-in Splore crowd because the game isn't on any list.

Plus, for me, it's great to get stars and all but even if I had like 10 stars or something but knew the play count was often, that'd be even more motivating. Not everyone knows to gives stars and I think only members can anyway...?

But if you are wanting stats, Itch.io has good support for Pico-8 web exports. Get an account and put them there...nice reports and everything.

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