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So as I said in my previous blog entry, I'm making a Pico-8 stand for (retro) conventions, and the most important thing to do for such an event is something that make you visible, and nothing is better than a flashy logo for that.

As my stand is about Pico-8, the logo has to be Pico-8's!

I've resume working on the logo today on the electronic side and mais small PCBs to support the LEDs that will be used to illuminate the logo:

These PCB are incredibly small: 6*9 mm, yes they are really really small :)

They are intended to fit into one of the sandwitch layer of the full logo, that's why they are so tiny.

I've just ordered them so I should not get them before about 2 weeks, I hope less but it's unlikely.

As soon as they are there and mounted I will show you the result on the logo :)

Next update will be about the Raspberry Pi light Pico-8 OS :)

P#27793 2016-08-31 20:05 ( Edited 2016-09-01 00:05)

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