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I stupidly forgot to add this to the AltGr Bug thread before 0.1.2 was released and my report a while back in one of the deeper editor bug threads was probably too deep down to be seen, so here we go again:

On a german Mac, entry of curly braces and square brackets work by pressing ALT and 8/9 and 5/6. For some reason this is broken on LALT but not on RALT, as can be seen in the following snippet. Specifically, pressing LALT not only spits out the braces/brackets, but also the numbers as well, while pressing RALT does it correctly:

I assume this is somewhat related to the AltGr problem, but who am I to know :)

P#15763 2015-10-23 14:01 ( Edited 2015-10-23 18:01)

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