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Cart #splode_em_up-2 | 2024-06-16 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Splode 'Em Up

Destroy rascally missiles n' bombs with incredibly powerful countermeasures: balloons! Balloons 'splode enemies on impact, but not only that, each different color balloon has a unique special ability.


You play Recty, a sentient rectangle with an incredible ability to spawn balloons ad infinitum. Recty hates missiles n' bombs and likes to 'splode as many as possible all the time. It's literally all he ever does.


  • Move Recty (the rectangle at the bottom of the screen) left and right.
  • Release balloons to try and hit the missiles n' bombs. You can only have one balloon out at a time.
  • While you have a balloon, you can pivot it left or right, or even have it float up more quickly.
  • Balloons 'splode when they hit enemies or otherwise disappear once they are off screen.
  • Different color balloons have different abilities that also effect enemies.
  • Destroy and apply effects to enemies for points.
  • You need to meet a score goal to proceed to the next level. If you fail to meet the goal, the game is over.
  • Levels are the same (for now) but get increasingly difficult.

Bloon Abilities

Red (Fire Balloon)

Leaves behind a fireball. If an enemy hits the fireball, they 'splode. If the fireball an enemy hits was directly created by a balloon, that enemy leaves behind another fireball.

Orange (Cluster Balloon)

Pops into several smaller balloons that can each 'splode more enemies. The direction and velocity of the cluster is affected by the original balloon.

Yellow (Electric Balloon)

Leaves behind a ball of electricity that stuns enemies on impact.

Green (Vine Balloon)

Leaves behind a set of vines that grow randomly. Enemies that enter the vines are slowed.

Blue (Ice Balloon)

Leaves behind a giant ice cube that slowly melts. Any enemy that hits it (you guessed it) 'splodes. It melts faster when it 'splodes 'em.

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