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Cart #vexor-1 | 2024-06-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Vexor is a cute lil shmup I made!

Enojoy! :)

-Fixed slow down
-Fixed phantom plane glitch

P#149908 2024-06-13 23:14 ( Edited 2024-06-15 17:19)

That was fun. I was struggling to get past 8,000 points and gold rating, and then one time I got really into the zone. But around 15,000 points the frame rate started to slow down, even when there weren't half a dozen saucers on the screen.

Eventually they did get me, though.

But something amusing happened when I left it on this screen. Something kept shooting. It was also moving, so not just shots leaving my last known position. This also scored points, eventually wrapping the score past 32767 and my red medal back to nothing...

P#149925 2024-06-14 09:11

Thank you! And thanks for playing! I’ll def look into those bugs! Huh, that’s really interesting that it kept shooting and moving even when the game had ended… I’ll def look into it and get it fixed up! :)

P#149928 2024-06-14 09:57 ( Edited 2024-06-14 09:57)

My guess is some bullets never de-spawn, and once their Y coordinate underflows back into the positives, they end up onscreen after some time. The movement is just that of the ship at the time of firing. Cool bug, and potentially lag related also, if lots of them have to be updated each frame and they keep piling in memory.

P#149930 2024-06-14 11:35

Fun! Good job!

P#149950 2024-06-14 20:52

What an incredible shooting game!

P#149958 2024-06-15 00:20
P#149983 2024-06-15 15:03

@RealShadowCaster Yup that's what it was lol. Turns out I had two typos in the code which made it so that the players bullets and the background objects weren't despawning. This resulted in massive slowdowns after playing for too long, and the phantom plane glitch. I patched them both up tho. Thanks for your help! :)

P#149984 2024-06-15 15:09

You can resolve the score issue using the tips from this post https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=139330#p

P#149993 2024-06-15 20:35

@Kububbis You're welcome!

P#150176 2024-06-21 01:24

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