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Cart #petri_v1-1 | 2024-04-13 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


Petri is a chill cellular life simulator. Witness the rise and fall of countless living cells all trying their best to survive and reproduce.

Behavior and ultimate fitness are governed by stats, mutations, and a move-set, all of which are encoded into rudimentry DNA that is passed down to offspring.

Cells that consume enough food become healthy enough to reproduce. Reproduction weakens a cell, but allows it to pass its DNA (with potential mutations) on to the next generation.


❎ (X): Cycle through display modes
Enter/Pause: Display pause menu and adjust various game parameters

Additional Info


Each cell has three stats: strength, agility, and speed.

  • Speed determines how likely a cell is to move
  • Strength determines how likely a cell is to consume energy each time it moves
  • Agility determines how likely a cell is to change direction each time it moves

Move Sets

Each cell has a move-set consisting of a list of numbers, 1-4, representing a cardinal direction.

Display Modes

The default display mode will output the number of living cells, the number of total births, the number of total dead cells, the amout of food currently in the environment, and the highest generation achieved.

The text-based display mode outputs the stats of the most recently birthed cells. Move-sets for each cell are indicated by a band of pixels, each color representing a different direction.


There are only two sounds effects in the game, one to indicate a birth, and one to indicate a death.

P#145866 2024-04-06 00:21 ( Edited 2024-04-13 20:00)

this is a lot of fun to play with!
also i noticed a bug where if you switch the border settings it keeps you from spawning in the bacteria

P#146525 2024-04-13 09:01

Thanks for checking it out! I had fixed that bug previously but I apparently uploaded the wrong version. The correct version is now published!

P#146568 2024-04-13 20:03

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