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Cart #murder_drones_virtual_training-3 | 2024-03-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

This is a hard action-platformer fangame based on the Murder Drones indie animated series by GLITCH.

You play as a new disassembly drone that has to complete his training in a virtual environment.


  • Arrow keys to move.
  • [X] to flutter.
  • [C] to shoot and detonate rockets (when available).
  • [↓] to perform a dive maneuver.
  • [Enter] for additional options.


  • Autopawn (Discord: autopawn)
  • Remi Mixer (Discord: remimixer)
  • Crjönch (Discord: crjonch, Twitter: @Slimyappraisal)
  • Miszuk (Discord: miszukuwu)
  • Label character illustrations by @marshimiiu.
  • Special thanks to our playtesters: Zanntendo, HenryV3, KleinerMuefffin, KaiChibi, Dragonod, VelvetNero, LostSoul3390, amogus, DeneralGumbass, Archer, Enchada, Herbat.


  • Over 10 levels of platforming action!
  • Two levels of difficulty, NORMAL and HARD. The latter is indeed hard, don't say we didn't warn you!
  • Several types of enemies, including a big, mean, [REDACTED]!
  • Epic 8-bit music based on the show's.
  • Many lines of dialog between the Rookie and his Supervisor.
P#144326 2024-03-24 21:53 ( Edited 2024-03-25 15:44)


wew it was painfully hard took me an hour

P#144436 2024-03-25 15:36

So the level after you got the rocket launcher… it’s either I’m dumb, or it’s totally not telegraphed what you have to do to get the deflector killed

Like you can’t go over it, can’t shoot it, can’t dive thru some blocks or blow em up

P#145550 2024-04-03 05:49 ( Edited 2024-04-03 05:50)

@randomgoober Hi! You just have to throw the rocket over his head and detonate it behind him.

P#145552 2024-04-03 06:31

@autopawn well that’s what I tried to do because of the dialogue but the robot
just deflected it

P#145755 2024-04-05 01:01

@randomgoober oh, sorry it wasn't more clear. Here is a GIF:

P#145764 2024-04-05 02:54

that is not N that is N ur asshole nig--

(just kidding its a cool drawing my dudes) :) =) ;) ,)

P#146293 2024-04-10 16:57 ( Edited 2024-04-10 16:58)

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