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Hi guys,

I'm playing my way through Jasper's Journeys (version 2.15 - Linux - x86-64) and I'm stuck trying to get the third orb on level 14. I've found two so far before going into the first door. I've looked all over the rest of the level with the up/down keys and I see an empty space on the lower left of the level, under the door to the next area and to the left of the blue flower and the inn. My guess is that this is where the third orb is. Now I just can't figure out how to get into that area. If you start at the inn and go down and then to the right there are two blocks in the floor, one of which looks darker, as though it were a secret block. However, shooting this block doesn't open it.

Am I on the right track? Have I maybe hit a bug? If not, does anyone mind telling me the secret?


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