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Cart #threed_game_v1_3-1 | 2024-02-17 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

common mode[
press ⬅️ to turn left
press ➡️ to turn right
press ⬆️ to go forward
press ⬇️ to go backward

mouse mode[
press s to turn left
press f to turn right
press e to go forward
press d to go backward
press 🅾️/z to jump/jetpack(ps:jetpack enable in code)
press ❎/x to use mouse(ps:only work in splore,because i use the stat(38) which representes the Relative x movement )
(ps:if you want to change the rotate speed ,you can change tha variable of rotate_spd)

--v1.2 updated
--add textured wall

--v1.3 updated
--add eveing mode
--fixed the textured wall bug

if you encounter any problem,please leave a comment.Thanks a lot.
--i encounter a problem:when the player is still,the textured wall still changes on the screen.so i am looking forward to solving the problem.

P#141257 2024-02-07 13:25 ( Edited 2024-02-17 04:52)


P#141258 2024-02-07 13:36

the gravity is a bit too low

P#141281 2024-02-08 09:36

@851523 yes,but i think it's interesting.

P#141285 2024-02-08 11:38 ( Edited 2024-02-08 11:45)

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